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Why did 40 church leaders visit New Life Church Middlesbrough?

By Ian Williamson, 07 Jun 2017

Why did 40 church leaders visit New Life Church Middlesbrough?

On the 19th-20th May, New Life Church hosted its first CiHP Conference and saw over 40 delegates representing churches from England, Scotland and Wales. It was exciting to see so many people with a heart to reach the lost on council estates/housing schemes but it was also sad to be reminded of the difficulties and isolation felt by many of those involved in this type of ministry.

It was the isolation and difficulties that are found in this type of ministry that led to New Life Church wanting to host this conference. The reason being, we saw it as an opportunity to share some of the knowledge and resources that have been helpful to us since we have been working in partnership with Niddrie Community Church and 20schemes in Scotland.

The gospel work that 20scemes is doing with the urban poor is pioneering and like nothing else that is happening in the U.K. and it is our partnership with the work in Scotland that has enabled us to access training, resources and support and we would like to replicate this in England.

The conference was led by Mez McConnel pastor of Niddrie Community Church and founder of 20schemes and featured teaching on What is the gospel? What is the church? Diversity and a Q&A session on Reaching Men on Housing Estates.

As well as teaching from Mez and the 20schemes team there was an opportunity for planters and pastors/church leaders to join a network were they can find advice support and resources specifically designed for ministering in hard places.

Due to the success of the conference we are planning to host a CiHP part 2 in the near future. If you are interested in further information about the conference and/or the CiHP network then please get in touch, but until then you can take a look at the Reaching Men Q&A below.