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Why should Christians consider moving to Middlesbrough?

By Ian Williamson, 29 Mar 2017

Why should Christians consider moving to Middlesbrough?

Why should Christians consider moving to Middlesbrough?

A recent article on the BBC News Website started its story with this:
"Middlesbrough, an industrial town on England's north-east coast, gets a bad press. It's often near the top of "worst places to live" lists and is currently the worst place in the country to be a girl, according to one report." 
Obviously not the most positive of statements to use when trying to encourage people to move to the town, but the fact is Middlesbrough comes top on most of the negative league tables that hit the headlines such as worst place to live, knife crime, drugs, unemployment, poverty and poor health. However the thing that concerns me more than this is the amount of housing estates without churches, and it's precisely this reason why I am wanting Christians to consider moving to Middlesbrough to join the mission of New Life Church in taking the gospel to these estates.

New Life Church, Middlesbrough is a relatively new (Planted August 2013) and small (20 Adults, 10 children) but diverse church, that is working in partnership with Niddrie Community Church and 20schemes and which is affiliated to both Acts29 and the FIEC. We are committed to being a local church for local people with a bigger vision to plant local churches for local people, but to do this we need help. In Mathew 9 we see Jesus tell his disciples that:

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
And here at New Life Church we are aware of the size of the harvest and our practical limits, so we are praying that God will send us workers to help us take the gospel to the lost of Middlesbrough and maybe you are one of the workers that we have been praying for. Therefore, if you are excited about church planting, evangelism, being discipled and discipling others maybe New Life Church is an answer to your prayers. 

If you think this is an opportunity that you or somebody else you know might be interested in then please get in touch via and if moving to Middlesbrough isn't practical please consider supporting our mission in prayer and financially.

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